Thursday, February 24, 2011

Betting For Reals

I finally have gotten up the courage to bet with some real money. I bought picks from Wunderdog Sports. I put some significant money in bowdog because that is the only one I have gotten a payout from so far.

Wunderdog gave me some good bets and I came out way ahead yesterday! called me about my payout and they said it should be on its way. They said I can call them back for a tracking number but I think I will just wait and see if it gets here.

I have some money still in The Greek but I havent dealt with their payout system yet. Everything online says they have a great payout system. I will check up on that soon as long as I keep winning.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I had a horrible Superbowl (betting wise) but not watching wise. The game was a great watch and it was great to see GB and Aaron Rodgers win but my bets sucked. Here is what lost.

Losing Bets
Steelers +3
Health Miller OVER 3.5 catches (He had one catch all game)
John Kuhn OVER 6.5 yards rushing
Aaron Rodgers UNDER 288.5 throwing yards
Ben Roslesburger to win MVP

Winning Bet
Health Miller UNDER 36.5 yards receiving

Good thing I didn’t bet too much money. J

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How I Started

First off I love the NFL so I thought why not try to make some extra money betting on the thing I love and know a lot about? It cant be that hard right????

I started using a site called It a very user friendly site and I won some money. BUT I always ended up making big bets at the end of the season and then I would lose it all. The year the Cardinals went to the Superbowl I was sure they were a horrible team, and I bet pretty big against them 2 weeks in a row depleting my bankroll.

After that I gave up betting for a while, but then I got back into it. This time with a better strategy. I did my research and I actually came out ahead. Put in $40 on and came out with $180 by the end of the NFL season. I also deposited some money into another sportsbook called Bowdog because one of my friends referred me to it and I heard that it is better to have a few sportsbooks in your bankroll so you can find the best line. I tried out Bowdog and it seems to give their lines pretty late compared to the other books. I made all my picks against the spread by listening/watching games and listening to sports talk radio. Bowdog was the second book I asked for a payout but they are the first ones to actually give me my money back. I put in 100 bucks and took out 20. I thought I would make sure I could get money out of them before I started betting bigger dough. Its been over a month and is still not giving me my money. They said that the signature on my card doesn’t match the signature on the credit card authorization form so I have to turn in some more forms. Ill let you know what happens with that.