Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How I Started

First off I love the NFL so I thought why not try to make some extra money betting on the thing I love and know a lot about? It cant be that hard right????

I started using a site called sportsbetting.com. It a very user friendly site and I won some money. BUT I always ended up making big bets at the end of the season and then I would lose it all. The year the Cardinals went to the Superbowl I was sure they were a horrible team, and I bet pretty big against them 2 weeks in a row depleting my bankroll.

After that I gave up betting for a while, but then I got back into it. This time with a better strategy. I did my research and I actually came out ahead. Put in $40 on sportsbetting.com and came out with $180 by the end of the NFL season. I also deposited some money into another sportsbook called Bowdog because one of my friends referred me to it and I heard that it is better to have a few sportsbooks in your bankroll so you can find the best line. I tried out Bowdog and it seems to give their lines pretty late compared to the other books. I made all my picks against the spread by listening/watching games and listening to sports talk radio. Bowdog was the second book I asked for a payout but they are the first ones to actually give me my money back. I put in 100 bucks and took out 20. I thought I would make sure I could get money out of them before I started betting bigger dough. Its been over a month and sportsbetting.com is still not giving me my money. They said that the signature on my card doesn’t match the signature on the credit card authorization form so I have to turn in some more forms. Ill let you know what happens with that. 

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